Umberto Veloz

The Latin American sentiment in a flexible voice, educated in lyrical singing and with the freshness of the voices that have the gift of singing; it is his song and not the technique that drives the interpretation of this extraordinary artist.


His talent has led him to travel the World and to share the stages with world-class artists. In 2019, he will release a new single in a duet with the Cuban singer Omara Portuondo, member of the Buena Vista Social Club project.


All this as part of his most recent album "Íntimo" produced by the Grammy winner and Cuban master Aneiro Taño, in which he will perform great themes of the history of the international song and include duets with great voices and musicians from around the world.


I recently released the song Quiero Verte otra vez by the Cuban Alexander Abreu, a song that alludes to the pandemic that currently exists in the world

MAY .2020

This 2020 will release his most recent album " LATINOAMÉRICA EN LA SANGRE" produced by the Grammy winner and Venezuelan maestro "Julio Colmenares",